Electrical Wire

Electrical Wire consists of one or more soft wires, and the outer bread is made of a soft cover; the cable is made up of one or several insulated wires and is covered with a tough outer layer of metal or rubber.
Selection criteria
1. Select copper core wire: wire and wire, first of all to have good electrical conductivity. There are copper core wires and other wires on the market. Copper core wire is the most practical one for interior decoration. However, copper core wires are divided into several types, with large radius copper cores and multi-wire copper cores.
2. Powerful wires: The electricity consumption in the home is large and small. When we are the biggest, we will turn on the TV, turn on the air conditioner, turn on the computer, turn on the lights, drive the water dispenser, refrigerator, and hair dryer. If the load capacity of the wire is not strong, and the hot summer, it is easy to cause the wire to burn due to high temperature, resulting in a fire.
3. Waterproof performance is good. Some wires are easily deformed and cracked. If there is a leak at some point, it will cause the appliance to burn out, short circuit or even cause fire and casualties. Therefore, it must be hard and waterproof.
4. The main line must be a thick core. The so-called main line refers to the two main lines between the total power supply and all electrical appliances. The main line must be thick copper wire, because the main wire is loaded with the charge of each appliance, and it needs a thick copper wire with excellent performance. The bypass can select a multi-core cable.
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