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In stage lighting, the Multi Cable is a heavy-duty cable used in theaters to power lamps. The basic structure includes a bundle of individual conductors surrounded by a single outer jacket. A single cable has only three wires, and multiple wires have ten or more wires. They are configured for six or eight circuit types. Typically, both ends of the versatile have a specific connector called a Socapex connector. The technician then combines the cable with the circuit breaker and circuit breaker, which is basically an octopus-like adapter with a Socapex end and six to eight Edison, twist-lok or stage pin connectors.
1. The difference between single-strand copper wire and multi-strand copper wire is mainly in its structure. Since the multi-strand copper wire is soft and it is not easy to break the wire core, it is suitable for the curve pulling force of the wire in the pipe installation, and the single-strand is It is not easy to pull (unless it is a straight line); the price of plastic insulated wire of the same specification, the multi-strand line is higher than the single-strand line, one is complicated in processing, and the other one requires copper to be pure; the single-strand copper wire is more than copper wire. In other words, it is more convenient in terms of line connectors and equipment wiring.
2. Multi-strand copper wire generally needs to be crimped or welded wire nose, etc., especially for BVR multi-strand copper core wire with a wire diameter of less than 4 square meters, according to GB50303; construction electrical engineering construction quality acceptance specification; the sectional area specified in Article 18.2 is 2.5mm2 The left and right strands of copper wire terminal should be tightened to the tin or the terminal and connected to the terminals of the equipment and appliances.
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