cable with pvc insulation

wooden drum or steel wooden drum or as your request. Conductor shape round,fan-shaped Nominal section 1.5-240mm2 Number cores 1-5core,4+1core,3+2core Standard IEC60502 Rated voltage Low voltage Certificate ISO9001-2008 Operating working temperature 70 degrees for PVC insulated Packing length...



This safety line is designed for safety/alarm systems. It is commonly used to connect motion sensors, keyboards, magnetic contacts, glass breaks (acoustic detectors), smoke detectors, communicators, detectors/flashers, and entry management and control panels in such systems. When wiring the system, be sure to refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for wires, specifications, and expected resistance. 

Conductor shape  round,fan-shaped
Nominal section  1.5-240mm2
Number cores  1-5core,4+1core,3+2core
Rated voltage Low voltage
Operating working temperature   70 degrees for PVC insulated

Conductor:Copper Core

Rated voltage:300/500 Volts 

Advantages of these cables include but are not limited to:

Thermoset property

Higher moisture resistance

Better resistance to inrush current

Low dielectric loss

Better chemical resistance

Longer service life

The cable operates at a higher temperature of 90 degrees Celsius and a short circuit temperature of 250 degrees Celsius


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