Stranded Wire

Stranded Wire is achieved by twisting a single wire twisted wire spool at an equal angular speed and stranding a uniform forward motion. Commonly used are copper and aluminum. Copper and aluminum wires can be twisted into wire cores of various specifications and different types of wires and cables.
For example, a copper strand is a wire made of copper.
First of all: look at the appearance of copper stranded copper strands need to look at the appearance, generally good copper stranded wire its appearance is relatively bright, no obvious damage and scratches, there will be no obvious oxidation caused by oxidation phenomenon. The outer color is relatively uniform, there is no black spot, no cracks, and the distance is even and regular. Meeting the above criteria is a good choice for copper strands.
Secondly: look at the specifications of the copper stranded wire. The selection of the copper stranded wire requires the dimension and specification of the wire. Generally, the wire drawing of the copper stranded wire should be within the specified range and cannot exceed the process standard. Otherwise, it is regarded as an invalid stranded wire. The single wire that forms the stranded wire must meet the uniform and tidy characteristics and conform to the process rules.
Again: look at the copper stranded wire structure to form the copper stranded wire. Also observe the distribution and composition of the stranded wire to see if there are short-term, missing wires, loose strands, and stranding. Generally, these can be observed with the naked eye. Out, we need to carefully observe and check the quality of the copper strands. We cannot choose unqualified products for the production of wires and cables, which will cause serious safety accidents.
Finally: look at the copper stranded wire welding process. The purchase of copper stranded wire should also pay attention to whether the welding process is firm, whether the welded interface part is neat, and there is no unevenness of the line. The welded interface should be repaired neatly, flattened, rounded, and cannot be tied. The diameter of the welding head should not exceed 0.2 mm; the welding of two adjacent copper strands should be kept at a certain distance and the spacing should be uniform.
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